Got banned


im bringing this to yalls attention i just got banned on two of my accs in less then 5 minutes. I assume Gremlin did it. I didnt do crap yes i cursed but Your dad a curve player told him to ban me and i got banned. This isnt fair i hope yall learn to do yalls jobs better and yet when i got cyberbullied yall didnt do crap. Like there r so many others who r way worse then me and didnt get in trouble.


You have been banned on both accounts because you have been sending offensive and abusive chat messages in the global chat that insults others on both of those accounts.

Sure, others did worse, but we haven’t seen what they did, therefore we could not take action against them.

If you have any questions regarding the ban, send me a message on Forum, add me in-game (Gremlin) or text me through Discord: Reiner Braun#9040.

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