Good old days :D



Who still remember this version of the game? Oh, how much I would give to play it again. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


#beta-testers :heart_eyes::joy:
Triggerbomb OP


haha that was so fun to play with you, we were like the only in top 10 who werent using speed zap :smiley:


yeah I loved knockout and the different ships


it so spacy as well <3 u just have to love it


Trigger op. #beta-testers


Lmao was I the only one who used time bomb and stealth mine? :smile:


I LOVED that game mode! The current one is good, too, but for now, just for a change, I’d love if the game reverted back to this mode…(minus the bugs, of course).


Which gamemode was the best?

  • Knockout
  • FFA
  • Current gamemode

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I forgot what exactly FFA was…could someone please remind me?


I guess you get points for surviving but dont get knocked out if you die … mines and shots kill people tho

I think most will agree that knockout was the best gamemode… however i fear that if it will come back it is going to be a massacre especially cause the gap between good players and not that good ones is pretty big atm


Laser god right here.


lol I remember when we used to use lasr and people got so mad


Also speed stack + jump.

Geert fix ur game