Good bye, fellow CFP



Hey guys it’s BIGDROJAS here, I will be gone for two months this summer. I’m going to Costa Rica for vacation and will come back on Sept or early August. I won’t be allowed to bring my PC with me because of where I’m going. Just letting you know if you don’t see me, I play this game ever day since last year and won’t be on for two months!!!

Enjoy guys,



Omg, you scared me!!! I thought you leave the game forever, but thanks god, you aren’t. Well, have fun in Costa Rica and see you soon! :slight_smile:


Thanks @theangelov your a good friend, and no I will never leave this game, ever. I leave on Sunday to Costa Rica, so I might be on for a while longer until then.


enjoy your trip !


Thank you, @Elo!!!:grin:


Bye and have fun :slight_smile:


Have fun is Costa Rica man