Goldfear - easier to drop then to raise. please help



Hey, it’s Property.

As a fellow Gold II who just got back up from Gold I, i would like to bring to the developers’ attention the fact that it’s seemingly impossible to get matched with any other Golds at all without going into customs, and as a result, this results in a problem i call “gold fear”

What is Gold Fear?
Gold Fear; to put it simply; is the practice of being extremely worried when entering a lobby of Silvers. The reason for the name is it’s far easier to get into a lobby of Silvers as a Gold. Seeing as this is fairly common in my case, i hope the ranking system may get a rework sometime relatively soon.

How Can We Prevent This?
It’s fairly simple. The devs could rebalance it for Gold players by either…

  • Raising the amount of time slightly until you get queued with the next rank down
  • Trying to cushion the penalty of losing in a Silver 1-4 room for Golds

I hope the devs could at least adknowledge in some way or find another way to fix gold fear.
But until then, keep curving, folks.


The thing is even gm’s get paired up with silvers :joy: the matchmaking system got changed a lot recently and devs try fixing it but it is not that easy. Thx for your feedback though.