Glitches in cfp


Since the new update has arrived, for some reason the game ends before it is over a lot. Moreover in one game a guy started getting -13 for every round and once i didnt get any points for people dying. Also sometimes in custom games it wont let me chat and sometimes it kicks everyone out from the game.


It happens i hope that Geert will try tp fix that


sometimes it wont let us play after choosing the powers as well. Hope geert will fix it quick.


I’ve got kicked in mid-game 3 times in a row.


Ye i played with Winner#8271 and we Got kicked 3 times in a row


The only way to fix all these bugs fast is to remove all changes and hope the backup files are still intact.

All this different kind of bugs which appear now simultan are not fixable for a single man in a reasonable timeline, at least not if i look into the past and see how long some debugg processes needed to be done when there was working three guys fulltime on it with way smaller bugs than this.

It was an unreasonable gamble to go on codec alone without any backup and the gamble is not paying off.

So enjoy the bugs and better don´t waste time with hoping.

Still too rude or better this time? :kissing_heart:


Maybe u re right…

Better this time :wink:


theres another glitch when the game wont even start and its left on game will start in 0. i think the pickups are too much and i personally dont like pickups or at least the one that makes everyone brake, it just slows the game down when pickups are supposed to make the game feel faster or more interesting