Glitches and update extra notes and other things


so this topic is similar to the curve fever pro updates but it will also cover a few of the bugs and others first, the teams may be a little disappointing sense the host must have vip but please no hate towards the developers or anyone involved in making this update. now there may be a glitch where your rank will appear different when your in a room this will most likely be patched very soon in the next small update so please wait and be patience for the next patch date another thing i want to cover is in this update no purple powers and its just mainly survival but with teams there are still officiant survival. powers for killing like power dash or speed even a the reason i made this topic a bug is because the change logs have already been covered so i’m gonna explain some more things about the update and a few glitches now one glitch is where your shots will change color but your shots will still work and, affect enemies so its not that bad of a troublesome glitch but it would still be good to patch this cause it might confuse people or maybe make them mest up these are some of the current glitches hopefully they will be fixed. another thing of the teams glitch sometimes when you join a match it will assign a team even though it may not be a team therefore this is just a natural bug issue that was probably just formed in something that went wrong in the update most of these glitches are not really a big deal but i just want to cover them so no confusion. also the teams maybe a little hard to do or hard to think about and hard to understand i just want to say this try working with your teammates maybe helping them if they need back up if someone is trying to cut them up or just secure spaces for them and guid them this mode can be very fun and simple if you try to understand it.


also lets thank @rojoss for covering the main parts and important things about the update but im just covering extra details and things some of the bugs that came with the update and others. may god bless you all sorry for no idents or if its hard to read


also why not make a tour with teams you have your matches similar to the previous tour but with teams and a little bit of change in the rules the prize is split between the teammates each teammate gets 500 or 400 300 200 maybe 1st place team gets 500 2nd place 400 3rd place 300 and 4th is 200 5th is 100 6th gets 50 those might be the prizes for the top team thats just my idea for the next tour you don’t have to do it but i feel like it would be fun and very interesting of course the glitches might have to be fixed but still would be possible to do


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why do some player die cus of the tiny tiny bits of trails