Give a color and a superpower


Give a color and a superpower as a reply. I will take the first ten comments, turn them into stickmen, and make them run an obstacle course on Scratch. Each will have a partner and none of them will fail.


heres mine

chartreuse and cloning


hazel color, and The power to move through time at the speed of time.


Red&white And xmas magic <3 (gl with that xd)


One color @hohoho, one color.
Cyan and speed+zap
Yes, that’s a superpower, good luck brotha


purple and purr attack


Its one color! Its color candy Cane :slight_smile:


Rainbow … hydrogen bomb … ez win :joy:


Ultraviolet(which counts as a color BTW) and mind control(causes all the other stickmen to die to Line’s hydrogen bomb, including Robt44, but is far enough to not blow up himself. Then he wins the race. Hooray!) If ultraviolet doesn’t work, then use black.


Dark grey and the power to jump extremely high


blue, being a big mac

edit: #notsponsored


one spot left


btw it is not a race all u need to do is survive


Forest green - teleporting


it is ready


and i will take the color candy cane


so no fighting with @hohoho


Here’s mine:

Emerald Green and Superspeed


Saddle brown and the ability to get a good 6 hours of sleep