Gimme my freaking account back


It’s been 3 weeks since I last had my main account. It’s gone, because I changed my email, and the stupid game glitched out for some reason, so yea. I can’t log into my main, Leadingsnow. I was lv 64 and I spent $37 on that account. Line told me to contact support and Geert can fix it and all that blah blah blah… And I did. It’s been two weeks since I did all that, and I still don’t have my acc. Does anyone know if Geert is still active , because if he isn’t, and I never get my account back, I’m just gonna quit curve. I’m so done with this game. It’s not even being developed anymore, because the company was broke, and I spent 2 years’ worth of grinding on that acc.


Oh yea, mods, if you’re reading this, don’t tell me to be patient. I’m done being patient. Line told me 1-2 weeks, and it’s been 3. Just gimme my acc back.


Moderators do not have the same authorities as developers. Wish I could help you but I don’t have the authority in the game to reset the e-mail adress…


Geert is active i think…
Btw i cant help u too…


@Leadingsnow1203, according to the discord bot it says that you were online three days ago, I’m not sure if that is accurate though.


@Geert was online on cfp. I asked him but I forgot what he said back to me. Sorry man.




GEERT IS LIKE DEAD OR SOMETHING. ahhhh i want my acc :sob:


there’s a couple reasons I want to be a voluntary developer (can’t develop new updates or bug fixes or anything tho)


@Leadingsnow1203 hacked?


The discord bot isn’t always correct when it comes to dates of last time logged-in. So it probably isn’t hacked.


Let’s just say it is hacked :wink:


xd alright.


It is not hacked :joy: he changed his email, it bugged out and now he can’t access his own account …


@Leadingsnow1203 your email has been recovered!!! You should be able to log in now, if not please try to hit the “Forgotten Password!” Link and make a new Password. Sorry it took as so long!


well someone’s happy to get their account back


Yup happy to hear a thank you :joy: … oh wait … nope i didn’t hear anything


shut up that was photoshopped xD btw thanks line


Lol btw why u say Photoshopped on everi image