[General discussion] Angle Turns - Overpowered or Not?


it was not mentioned but I think a good counter is the speedburst power !


I agree with everything except for this. Hide is good even in gm rooms, you just need another tactics there: more patience and stealing more space by scaring people with possible attack. It can be a good module to get 2000+ points what me and big_aur showed already. It is just not really a counter to corner players since they can change the direction too fast.


@NICK i dont know about you, but i have played against some gm’s how use hide self, and they were very predictable. (tho probably becos they underestimated me)


Being predictable is not the problem of module, that’s why I wrote about 2000+ points with hideself: it shows that the module is good enough to win in any match. Obviously not all the gms are good with it, especially now when you need around 1750 or less to get gm badge (used to be about 1800+ at best times of the game).


same dude i cant keep reading :joy:


Now I know what to say!
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I don’t have a problem with corner, it’s the second module that should be banned: LASER!


Since we all agree that Angle in its current form is OP here are some ways to nerf it.

Make it less that 90 degree. That would make it harder to survive, since u occupie more space and add some predictability. Holesliding would also not work anymore. (Makros would be useless)

Make holesliding impossibile. That would be as simple as “if angel no holes” maybe not depending how its coded.

Less defence obviously since u have a permenent 180 in the old version.

But not all of them at the same time xD

I really belive that permanent angle can stay. I also dont think that laser is so strong on angle. The survivebility and the defence are way worse.


Um it got nerfed xD. And less than 90 degrees is too strong a nerf anyways.


I really liked angle until it was nerfed because:

  1. It may be stressful but all you need to do is remember to recharge it.
  2. Now you will need to turn finish angleing somewhere else instead when you need to turn sharply 90 degrees.