Gems & skins


can we get a weekly amount of gems without leveling up and keep the skins after your recent updates took all the ships that we all earned


Hmmm. Instead of a weekly amount of gems, maybe gems instead of XP after each round. Crates already give out a bunch of XP, so giving out only 3 XP after every game if you win isn’t really exactly very productive. Instead, giving out 3 gems, like it used to, could help players grind for it.

Unless you’re planning an update where you remove skins or gems or something, and all that grinding goes to the dumps.


leveling up = 10 gems
one skin = 400 gems ( = 9.99 € )

so you have to level 40 times (can take 10 years) :scream:
or you can buy them with real money (and ruin yourself) :scream:

i would personally like to get all skins
but it would take 100 years or be at least twice the price of a good nextgen AAA++ 3D game

any solution would be apprieciated :+1:


ahahaha i agree with soko even tho didnt u spend money on first bp ? u already have the best bp so why u even care xD