Gems in the game



This is my first post so here goes
I really want there to be a way to get gems besides just getting 10 each time you level up.
Like we could have a system where like if you win 5 or 10 matches in a row you get a certain number of gems like a streak bonus or something
Anyway just my thoughts


A streak bonus would be gr8. An option you got at the moment is tournaments, there you can win gems :gem: :heart_eyes:


Lol but its hard to win a tour


Most things that are worth having are hard to get :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol maybe…
Im gonna buy 400 gems cuz battlepass is freaking me off… (Those spidddder players what speeeeeeeeeedd zap)


yeah… I hate the gem policy
no offense


yea but then all the grandmasters or so would have a ton of gems just more reasons for them to brag