Gems by winning?



Hey curveGuys. Dont you think that curvefever could give us things like, for example skins or gems by winning a determinated Number of games.
Live your opininon


Should this be in feedback?


One gem for a 1st place would be the minimum. Gems are so hard / slow / long to win. You have to play hundreds of games to win 10 poor gems. Or purchase them with some real money and ruin yourself IRL.


I mean 0-10 gems depending your game rank


I can change it, but I do agree with @sokoban, and @Cuenca you should get at least like 1 gem per win, or something like that


Imo that would be way too much. You always have to remember that devs need to make some money out of this game.


@Line i mean: or gems by winning or a more accessible in-game money.
For example CurveCoins you get 10 curve coins if you win, 7 if second place…
That CurveCoins could be used for buying the battle pass or some skins.:coin:


That would be the same as gems then. I don’t think they will give out free stuff. I get it tho earning gems can be tricky. Leveling up doesn’t give that many gems.

If you want skins you could always try to win gems in tournaments or buy them. I guess this is the only option. After all it doesn’t really matter if you have skins or not :joy: you can play just as good sometimes better without them.


Do you know clash royale? I mean that the use of coins could upgrade your “spells” and the gems used for buying crates


Well what if there was a spoiled kid and gets whatever he wants right, he gets 9999 curve coins. He is not that good at the game. But he will win more likely because he is Rich

But maybe just maybe they could add coins as a reward , and like 20 coins could turn into a gem


I think your proposing is good


I think that you should be rewarded by milestones like 20 for 25 wins and like that

5 wins
15 wins
25 wins
50 wins
75 wins
100 wins
200 wins
300 wins
400 wins
500 wins
1000 wins


What if you already have over 1000 wins?

Guys please, I get that free stuff is nice, and we already get some. But the devepolers try making a living out of this game :joy: so I am pretty sure they wont throw around free stuff.


But you never know, really achievements should be added, it will add a willingness to continue playing and grinding, thus having more playtime and ad time so boom developers benefit. Not major rewards


They do not really benefit if you play more tho


I agree with you Cuenca that they should give us something. sorry Line


No worries. I am just saying that free stuff is always great. But the game it self is already free to play and you should probs be happy with that :joy: but I get that some people might disagree haha


Yes that’s valid very true

actually thought I’m not being sarcastic


I think so too


The amount of advertising they use is little to nothing so I see, Im guessing most of the revenue comes from buying gems