Gem and skin acquisition


I was thinking about the way that you acquire gems in the new update and thought that it caused the regular players (who can’t or don’t especially want to spend money) to not be able to get skins. I converted all 300 of my gems that I had when I came back to the game to coins to upgrade my modules, then a week later all my gems I had converted were now useless and just caused me to get a few more uses in my modules. I would much more like for the game to go back to the old way of getting gems where when you opened a crate you would get some gems dependig on witch level crate it was.


Same, i converted like 700-800 gems at least.

By the way you can get gems by doing good in tournaments. So technically you can get them.

But yea other players already mentioned getting 1 gem/win or 1 gem/goldcrate


the problem is, you can buy skins with gems. Skins should be for monitary expenses available. Its not free content


Also most players (that are in school) cant do tournaments. for example, my parents would probably kill me if they knew I was playing this game and because it is on the weekend I instantly rule it out. I just want a way that people could be able to get energy or save for a while to get a skin. like if I had saved my gems I would have been able to get a skin and yes I understand that skins should be for money but some should be able to be gotten after like a few weeks of doing really good or just getting a lot of wins not just doing good in a tournament or buying gems.


The best method ever was getting gems/coins for playing in quick games,or they should consider bring megacrate back and get interesting prizes there


i was thinking something similar @Paul_21cl


Totally agree, new players basically get a free skin on lvl 25. Whereas older players which used their gems for coins dont get anything. A method of earning gems would be a good idea. I am still for 1/goldcrate or 1/win


I really understand your opinion, IMO it should be easier to get some gems by playing besides “Leveling-Up”, like some time ago. (for win 3 gems, second place 2 gems and third place 1 gem [in Quickplay only!])

On the other side I comprehend the intention of the Devs which want to earn money with that game.




Same exact! I support that idea.

I was thinking 3 gems for a win, 2 for second place, 1 for third, instead of XP. We get tons of XP from crates now anyways, it’s unlikely anyone would grind for XP. The reason I’m not into 1 gem per win is because you can’t control if you’re paired with a grandmaster and lose because of that.

That way, people can grind for gems.


That would be a little generous … if matchmaking works silvers will have it even easier to get a win :joy:


So I just want to say I’ve got thoughts on this stuff as well:

Since the devs got rid of power levels (a good move as far as gameplay is concerned) the sense of progression in this game has gone downhill. The problem is, while there was potential to maintain the sense of progression when you level up, this is ruined by the fact that now you have to spend energy to use those new powers that you have earned. It’s actually better to have a lower level ship now since there is a lower chance of getting a dodgy power combo (at level 4 you probably have the highest chance of getting a high powered free combo like oneshot/sideshot +fever/mine or mine/sideshot + fever/jump).

This means that skins have essentially become one of the main ways to show progression, except the only way to “progress” here is to play tours (only way to get gems for free). Something simple like having 1 gem per win seems like a good idea except people will derank for easier games. Maybe we could have a system where in lower rooms (like the silver planet) you have to win more games in order to earn a gem whereas in maybe grandmaster rooms you win a gem every game.

Either that or there needs to be some skins which can only be collected in game with achievements like 500 or 1000 wins, or “Played with all 27 powers”. All in all this game is lacking some level of progression at the moment.

I honestly have a list of ideas for other ways to monetise the game while maintaining the ability for players to get stuff without paying. I think overall the simplest idea is to offer more stuff than can realistically ever be bought by just playing (excluding those who play like Legolas). To buy all the current skins, by winning 1 gem every game it would take 1k wins. And sure, leave some skins which can only be bought with money, but also have some which need to have in game conditions met for unlocking.

A sneak peek into some of my other ideas for monetisation: “Offer a rank boost for gems (maybe lasting 1hr for 10 gems 1 day for 30 gems and 1 week for 110 gems) - this boost would double any increase in rank and halve any decrease in rank every game”

Its small simple ideas like this that will get people buying stuff. In general people are more likely to buy stuff if they feel like it has unlimited use (or unlimited use within a timeframe). So why not offer “premium options”?

As far as I’m concerned it is fine to make those who don’t spend money on the game, have to do 95x as much in order to progress in the game, but telling them there is no way to progress is a massive demotivator and stops them from playing.

EDIT: Make a skin with this as the ship head and I will spend 20€ ez Screenshot%20from%202018-12-19%2011-47-19


So increase the amount of gems needed for the skin? Because you can’t control who you’re matched with.


Same, I converted 500 gems for coins :frowning:


also @ianice skins could be changed to only be attainable trough money

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