Gameplay idea : The Grave



First, thanks for letting us the possibility to bring some feedbacks about the game.
Today, i got an interesting idea that i would like to share with you, but i don’t know if it corresponding to the philosophy of the game, and if it is hard to settle, technically.

I think that this game, before being a points counter, is about surviving in driving a ship, creating nice curves, wonderful dodges, passing through holes and of course with powers : about anticipation of other players actions. But the fact is, that i saw many people complaining about suiciders that only rush to take points before dying. I played speed zap myself and won many games just always focusing on zapping the 1st of the round, before dying. I also won games with laser + brake or one shot+jump etc, so i think i can speak objectively without preaching a combo or another. But the fact is that i think, that for now, the game is more favorising the fact of making points than trying to fight well and having nice fights. My point of view is that the fact of being alive is not highlighted enough. With the turrets you can take points when you’re dead, and its an occupation to not get boring, i understand. But it gives powers to the dead. My idea is this :

When somebody steals your points then die just after, you can shoot his grave (just one time) to get those points back. For example, if Jack steals 20 points to Anna, then he died in the following second, Anna can comeback to this place and just pass over Jack’s grave to get her 20 points back. Its like a revenge on the dead people haha. It will encourage people to survive longer, avoiding too many kamikaze attacks (even if it is still a cool strategy). But i think it must stay like a duel : Jack’s grave is only displayed on Anna screen, and even if Fred is passing over Jack’s Grave, he wont be able to get his points, because it is a story between Anna and Jack’s.

As those situations (the fact of dying just after shooting somebody) often happen when the map is filled with curves, it will create an interesting goal for the person that want to take a revenge on the dead, and may be he will die trying to get those points back, may be not, but the fact is that it will encourage much longer games and people will think 2 times before taking a wall.

I dont know if it is possible, or if it is a desirable update, and may be you can just get 50% of your points back, but i wanted to share this idea with you and to have your opinion on it.

I apologize for my english.


I think that you have a pretty nice idea tbh. I just have a couple thoughts.

  1. The game is bankrupt so this would never become an update.
  2. I understand that this is focused on suicide zappers, but if there is a normal speed zapper, that for example can survive after zapping, there would be no effect from “The Grave”.
  3. I am going to use the names from above again just so this makes more sense: If Jack is a suicide zapper, and he suicide zaps Anna, he would get around +20 points from the zap. But if Fred is an experienced player, and is using a fever or mine, he could throw the mine or fever onto Jack’s “grave” spot where Anna could recieve 50%-100% of the points she lost. Then Anna would not be able to go to Jack’s “grave” to receive the points back without running into the mine or fever… Unless I interpreted what you said wrong.