Gamepad support?



Hey, so I was wondering… can Curve Fever Pro be programmed to accept Xbox/PS/3rd-party gamepads? here is the layout I’m thinking of…

L1 = <
R1 = >
A = ^ and OK
B = v
Left Joycon = select

Any other suggestions? Will it even work? Just a idea for the devs.


It currently works for mobile and pc, not sure tho if it would for controller as well!


just a idea for the devs.


Sure and a good one!


Lol that would be so weird. I play on Xbox so that would be insanity


I started cf2 with friends together on a couch and a big tv and an undisclosed amount of narcotics. We controlled it with gamecube controllers. It wasn’t perfect but over many weeks we played our first 100 games like that.

I used Xpadder to remap the buttons. But in CFP you can’t even change the keyboard controls so yea. Currently I use autohotkey to remap the up and down key to use my modules comfortably with my left hand.


We had controller support in the Prototype but never added it back when we wrote the production codebase.
Maybe we can add it back some day (it’s not too hard) , especially now that we also go on Steam so you can play it easily on your TV.
So ye probably some day… (maybe) :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t forget to map the 4 ingame emojis.


any idea for the emojis?


maybe add a beta and developer mode? :joy:

also, where is the steam version? I could never find it.


I’m using a Chromebook. In that case, I can’t download software.


hahah i not used to play on pc ,cf was one of my first games i started playing on it,it’ll be weird playing on gamepad now :joy:,im always open to retry with gamepads


The game is yet to be released on Steam. You can whishlist it here to get notified when it’s released:


I started out with mouse and keyboard. Then I bought a gamepad for $10 and thought “THIS IS MORE COMFY!” Sense then I have been reaching out to alot of devs to add gamepad support. I’m sad there isn’t more online games that have that support (more the io games than anything else like


And I just found it. Thanks!


I want a mouse support:

  • Left Mouse Button = Turn Left
  • Right Mouse Button = Turn Right
  • Roll Forward = First Weapon
  • Roll Backward = Second Weapon


such as cf3 was,u could be able to use mouse and almost any keyboard button :slight_smile:


why tho…