I have seen a lot of people complaining about the basis of gameplay being changed and a lot of suggestions to how the game should be played. This got me thinking about how curve fever could possibly be based on multiple game modes. Such as I saw one user(I don’t remember their name) suggest a fuel based version. Seeing older versions of the game with an elimination-style format also seems like a fun mode to play. So maybe instead of changing the core of the game add multiple game modes. Just an idea.




I’ve been spamming this on the forum in the past. Hopefully they’ll do it someday…


The reason we stick with 1 gamemode is so that our playerbase isn’t split.
And the amount of work to make it just for custom games is not worth it at this time.
Probably one of the first new gamemodes would be team mode and not a different version of FFA.
But we first need to grow the playerbase more.


The hard thing here is that browser games and games such as this one don’t have much of an active player base. Traditionally these types of games are played when someone isn’t already occupied (i.e. when one has access to a computer at school and has finished their tasks) or when one has little options to choose from as they may only have access to these limited devices. With more schools blocking connections to this game, some can’t or just don’t want to play elsewhere, probably because they have better things to do/play. This game seems to have a very inclusive, yet decaying player base and would need some exposure in order to grow. This could mean advertising (expensive and risky), sponsorship, reaching a broader audience, or getting lucky with how some receive and share this game.

Have you considered platforms such as Kongregate, Armor Games, Newgrounds, Itch, etc.? This needs more exposure than just and a few buried videos.


I also wish the developer to launch this game mode soon. I’m bored with the old game modes