Game is unplayable


Constant lag, lines dissapearing, modules not working right etc… every game is just random. This game was obviously released way to early.


Hey have you tried those methods:


The problem is definently not on my side, I have tried theese tips. But this is server lag and game bugs.


We are currently working on fixing the game-breaking bugs. We have already found the causes for most of them (most air deaths, abilities sometimes not working, energy indicator showing wrong value), we will release a patch as soon as we fix those issues.

@akamaxis Do you have lags (people jumping around, lines suddenly changing direction) or framerate issues (things getting blurry and game not running smooth)?

[BUG] dying on nothing

I have pretty much all that. Earlier today the game was not blurry but now its that aswell, really weird.


I think most players have lags all day, not framerate issues.


Try disabling auto quality in the settings and set the quality to high.


Things being blurry sometimes and sometimes not has to do with the auto quality option in settings I suppose.

@XCS Thanks for addressing issues fast and communicating often. I know how hard it is and how many things are going on after a launch :wink:


No worries, I am just a bit disappointed that we didn’t manage to finish the new update today, as it fixes most of the in-game bugs and random deaths which we have worked so hard to fix :frowning: But I am pretty optimistic that tomorrow it will be ready :smiley:

Keep in mind that we are a really small indie game studio (7 people), we always read all the community feedback and fix the reported bugs as soon as possible, but we can’t solve everything in a couple days. The game has only been out for 4 days and I am personally pretty proud on what we have accomplished in the past year and also the huge amount of changes we managed to brainstorm, design, prototype and implement since the game release.


Huge lags today on CFP (aka CF4).
Like before in CF3.
Like before in CF2.
Hope servers will be upgraded before CF5 :sweat_smile:


It’s really good that devs fix bugs and make game better, but while they think about bugs game suffer from lags.


Thanks for addressing the issues atleast. I will take a break for a few days and we will see if it gets any better.