Game crashed


What happened

The game crashed suddently…


Is lpinf also your user name? I can have a look at your error log.
Also please try to play in incognito.

I think most of your issues are because of your performance on your PC so you should try and limit these issues by closing other programs and playing in incognito.



is my user name in-game.

I made that my computer have extra boost and go very fast, i tried to make it go faster but he say “your computer run too fast for boost”
For more details, ask me. i have the temporary_file_save.Cueize_k file. (im searching)
I put my own extension on my browser for Curve Fever games so i have a bug description and history(idk where… i think in one of the millions of folders of Windows…)

What does you mean when you say “in incognito”?



Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge.


ok i see private mode.
but that erase my connection each tome i restart the page.


I see a screen like that:

without text or buttons


Try disabling Adblock?


I have disabled it and nothing changed even if i reload


What do you see (in Incognito)?


Same thing


Does this still happen?


not now, idk if you fixed it…
That was always in the same room.


Closing this then.