[Game] Challenge Others Players at Full Map Camping!




First of all, I want to apologise for creating a new topic about camping at full map, which has already been done in past. https://forum.curvefever.pro/t/your-full-map-camps/1618 is an example. The main reason why I made new topic was that the ships have changed a lot compared to times, when the camps from that topic were made. Secondly, it would work out better in my opinion, if people could request a challenge for other members of this community in brand new topic.

I am aware of the fact that many Curve Fever Pro players dislike camping technique in FFA games. In my opinion it is pretty skilful and mastering it requires a lot of training. This is why I think Curve Fever Pro players should give it a try and see, how long camps they can make. I really hope that Line (Event Moderator) will start hosting annual full camp competitions. I think they would work out pretty well and would be very competitive.

Back to the main idea - the challenge. So, in this topic, you can challenge up to 5 different players to make a full camp and share it with others by posting a screenshot of it and adding the time, how long they survived. Of course, people, who were not challenged, can try it out, too, and share their results with us. Please note that Round time’s tool is 11 seconds behind in case you made your camp at first attempt and 4 seconds behind in case your try was not made on your first attempt.

I will start, here is my camp:

I survived for 11 minutes and 18 seconds. I challenge the following users:



I think there is a mistake. Why is Line not there? Why am I there?


Line is one of the best campers in Curve Fever Pro in my opinion. This time, I decided to challenge you, not Line. You are a great camper, too. I really hope that Line will try out this challenge and share his result with us.


easy record to beat dude

in other words, spending 12 minutes going in circles aint my style sry


this remind me to a cf2-cf3 videos where the best exponent was therealmadridcf,i think i also saw u jaan as well


Am I allowed to try as well @Python? You know how good I am lol :rofl:


Concerning what python alr exposed,devs should give different coloured crowns according what type of tournament the player won,i have so many ideas heheh


Of course you are, everyone is allowed to do that.


xDxD funny