Game bugged, lines moving straight



Hi guys,

I just happened to play some games for crates and suddenly 2 of the games bugged out. Every line just moved straight, out of the game field and nothing happened. I was first both times and afterwards i took a look at the results and some people actually surpassed me. So this might only affect some players and not all.

Moduels i used: Speed-Zap, Invi-Scatter

This happened to me about 4 times now since the update.
It’s a lil frustrating.

I also got 8 crates with only 7 combinations :joy:

Frozen screen
Winner with less than 250 points
Frozen screen

I hope that the extra one was gold? :stuck_out_tongue:


Bronze EW :joy:


that sounds horrible, I’m sorry for you :frowning:


:joy: no but all jokes aside :joy: this really is a bug and someone should look into it hehe


This is caused by a desynchronization between the server and the player. It happens. i haven’t seen this bug as much recently though.


Well in the last two days it happened 3 times to me :joy: guess i am just unlucky … and it always happened to a couple of players at the same time


It happened 3 times today with me too. Here is how it looks like:

All the ships just go away and the screen stays empty. But everyone else except me is playing.


Happened again twice today already
:joy: super annoying


Fix this please it’s so annoying…


I know that since the beginning of the game, that’s this thing like “we go with ship heads towards more and more simplistic design”, but this time it’s a tiny bit too much :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


looks better like this. CF2 players would agree



I like the CF2 approach with total non-existence of heads more than CFPro :slight_smile: It’s more clear if you fit in tight space when the “head” is just a circle. But a head which exists but is a pink rectangle of a size different than actual hit area, it doesn’t look better as far as my sense of aesthetics is concerned :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the ships :heart_eyes: but the hitboxes on those things are not so great


Yeah especially when you get shot in the ass and it’s still a hit


Please keep on topic relating to this bug; It will stop people from getting confused.


I was present in the chat box, but the game board was frozen.


-25 gg.


that happened to me as well the line keep moving straight and i cant steer so i keep dying but everyone else can move.


Everyone just went straight. Nobody could move around.

And ofcourse I didn’t win …