Fun games / Skills @CFP


Hello guys,

we would like to make a completely different offical tournament. Therefore we are looking for funny ideas and skills like:

  • How many holes can you do in one round
  • How long can you camp
  • Kill the King (1v5)
  • 2nd place wins

We are looking for all kinds of ideas. Please give us a suggestion.
The community power is in needed!!!
Do not hold back, we are excited about every crazy idea.


Hey @big_aur ,

I have a great suggestion for and official tournament.
How about doing a 6 player camp and someone has to record it and the room with the best time wins. And prizes could be 100 gems to each player.



only points granted for survival matter for the tournament.

  • you can still steal points with modules, but those points won’t be counted. [same for the gap points]
  • free choice of modules [or pre selected]
  • any ties will be determined by points from gaps [if they can be counted seperately, somehow]

of course, it depends if you have any way to actually count them without babysitting every room/match, but i still think it’d be a cool idea


A teamster against teamster tournament. The teamsters can team against the teamsters team style. But each team, will have an assigned power. They would have an offense power and a defense power. There might be Team homing and jump for example, or a Team zap and shield.


the idea is simple: its tag your it, if you ever heard of it! Every player must chose 1 purple powerup(shots) and one 1 blue powerup(survival) . Every round 1 guy must hunt and shoot whoever he can get if he manages to shoot one then the guy that he shots becomes the hunter . If the hunter dies before he manages to shoot somebody the remaining players who are still alive get a point and the round ends. The first person that dies in a round becomes the hunter in the next round!


That is a good idea, i will put it on the list! Thank you :slight_smile: Any other great ideas like that?


The ideas a cool, but as you already mentioned, in this case we have to “babysit” all rooms and that is a huge work load.


This idea is similar to the next tournament: The 3v3 tour. We will announce it soon :slight_smile: Thank you!


That is a great game style. I will put it on the fun game list. Any other ideas?


shout out to me on curvefever please


why are you advertising yourself in these random places


classic 3v3 curvefever2 style BUT , 2 out of 3 players in a team don’t have powerups (none) and the remaining 1 has only blue powerups(he plays the role of the attacker-camp destroyer). Points count
like curvefever 2 teams (last remaining person alive gives his team a point). This is also a great format for a tourney imho.


Another1 : 1v2v3 . the alone person has 2 blue powerups. the 2 together have 1 blue power up each. and the 3 together have no powerups. Again classic cf2 format last player alive gives his team a point!(this is hard for tourney maybe but a fun idea nevertheless)


Noo this is a good idea, we will include verious rounds. So one round can be this format. People will gain points for the place. 2nd round is another format. and so on. This should be a crazy / funny tournament. I love your ideas


thank you! I have a couple of ideas for 1v2v3 tourney( the format) . 1 idea is like what you said to change the format from 1v2v3 to 3v3 or 2v2v2 in every other round(even though it works weird a bit) the other one is a round robin style with only 1v2v3 . So the round robin works like this: you have 4 teams for instance of 3 people each OOO,XXX,YYY,ZZZ. and you split them up so there will be 1v2v3 games like ZvXXvYYY , YvOOvZZZ, OvZZvXXX , XvYYvOOO. Round Robin style works best with 6 teams where you can make many many rounds if you want. But it can be done with 4,6,8,10… etc teams.the winner in round robin is the team with the most wins/points in end of tourney.(i haven’t seen any Round Robin tourneys yet in curve fever though)


3v3 but a different story! the team that loses in the end is the team that has the player with the lowest score! it sounds simple but the strategies that you can play out are many and diferent you can steal from your own teammates in order to not be last if the situation requires!


(friends game)KILL THE CULPRIT : 1 v 5 or maybe not!!!. the alone guy has 2 blue power ups all five rest have no powerups .Before the game starts though the guy who is alone sends private message through the friend chat or discord or fb or wahtever to one of the remaining 5 players and ask him to be secretly in his team! so its actually 2v4 but noone knows about who the teammate of the 1 player is. So even if the guy with 2 blue powerups dies his secret teammate can win the round. What strategy will he follow? Will he keep his identity secret and try to survive the most? Or will he be straight up helping the alone player?? The last guy alive earns a point for his team…but ONLY the alone guys knows the actual score! To mix things ups the alone guy can can change teammate through private message once per game if he wants to!


outplay the system and write all 5: hey want to be my only teammate



I would like to suggest a tour that takes place over severl days. The idea behind is that then there would be less lag because its not one single event. The games could be streamed on discord with a few specs. The games could also be at random days so and only the players know the exact day/time so there are no targeted ddos’s etc.


yeah we have tried it, but player can´t organize themself. The last tour 2v2v2 was similar tot his format. IT was horrible with the communuity.