Friend List, Event Feed, In game menu, Chat (Improvement ideas)



I want to suggest two things to improve the friend list and the event feed.

  • There are currently three online activities which are showed in the friend list (In menu, Playing, In group). I suggest one more activity - Spectating. Maybe also a In Custom Room activity :thinking:

  • There is only a death {spectating} event feed. I suggest to put all the events like the event feed in the replays.

  • It would be cool if it’s possible to go to the shop while in game or while you are spectating a game. Also, it would be good if a player can change his player avatar, leader hats, skins (maybe???) in game.

  • Another thing for the friend list. There are currently only Join {player’s} match and Start chatting with {player} - buttons. What about a Following option? Whenever a player goes you are following him. But if the player don’t want to be followed, he could turn on a stealth mode (switch with two option: Let {player}
    to follow me, Don’t let {player} to follow me). Also, maybe a Let all players to follow me and Don’t let all the players to follow me buttons?

  • Show time on the sent messages in chat?


I will just mention the new idea for the improvement list


Another one…