Frequency of module drop in boxes



I win gold box most of the time, but since the last huge update (few weeks), and I think I got only 1 point for legendary modules - also for epic modules I get them really rarely!

But now I got like 4 silver boxes in 2 days - and 2x epic out of nowhere :open_mouth: Can you please check the frequency of rarity drops? There could be a bug


And i still havent reverse but another 50 epic points to useless modules.


Just curios which epic modules you consider to be useless? :thinking: I like all of them (except speed)
@G_master: 1 legendary point is not bad, I don’t have even one. Does someone already have legendary module lvl2? I didn’t see


Speed is my highest ranked power! speed lvl 4!!!


I prefer speedy, also lvl 4 :wink:


Ehh alright, they arent useless, i just dont use them :slight_smile: Speed burst is the worst from them i think.


Same Legendaries are super rare… only got one point for stealthmine :joy: at least not for invi cause that would be totally useless :joy:


Useless? Why? You don’t want your invisibility to be 0.05s longer for just 10000 gold coins? :smile:


WOOOOOW now that u mention it :joy: ofc i want it … time to save those coins

All jokes a side i am saving coins for scatter lvl 10 atm :joy: invi is possibly even better then scatter atm so i might overthink this decision :joy:


Like it :rofl:


I can’t tell the math, but I can tell getting a legendary out of a crate is very very very rare. Not so strange considering it starts at lvl 9 (how many of your other powers are at lvl 9?)


@Geert Some time ago (I think long time ago, admittedly) either you or one other Devs said that additionally you only start getting legendary points if you have any other module at lvl 9 or lvl 7 for rare, or lvl 4 for epic. Is it still true now, or is it an obsolete information already, and now the legendary points are simply “very very very rare” but with no artificial "rareness-increasing factors :wink: "?


what they meant is that as soon as you have enough power points to upgrade powers to lvl 9, you will probably also have unlocked your legendaries. To keep the game balanced we timed it around the same time




at least 6 could be at lvl 9 :joy:

2 are already there


I only have mine at tier 9,but pls ,make legendary points available for all crate types ,i think would be fairer.,pls
If gold crate has 0.1 odds,common should have 0.01%:wink:

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