Free Energy Come back!



You should add back the free energy, nowadays, I am falling short on energy and I can’t play with powerups which puts me at a disadvantage against the other players. Other people also might have the same problems and i hope you can respond to this


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Hm, yea well i still got lots of module points but i get that they can run out and for some players this might get an issue.

One good thing is that you kinda have to learn how to play with all modules.

But sometimes you just want to play with the stuff you love. With the actual system competition is hurt heavily in my opinion. Atm for me it feels just wrong to use the modules i would like to even if i have module points.

Future tournaments will have less variety… super sad!!!

If it is possible in some way bring the free powers back.


We are currently working on something cool which will add some free energy back into the game as well as other free stuff! :smile:



Please add in many more skins!


Also, rechargeable powers is a really hard-to-understand system for new people.


Sounds good!! <3 any rough date to expect something? :thinking:


Sometime next week if nothing goes wrong :sweat_smile:


thank you!

been waiting on this, my energy was finally getting low so ive just been sitting here, playing a game every so often to stop decay




Nah it will go wrong. We will all be excited for nice free powers and they will all disappear. It will be sad.

Its a sad life.

We all know that the devs need the monies but they keep getting rid of functionality instead of making new functionality.


So many people liked your post! Wow!


This time it’ll be something new :smirk::smiley:

But let’s stay on topic guys! :stuck_out_tongue:


Srsly devs :joy: stop teasing us :joy: super excited about this … if its going to end bad ill cry :joy: