FPS dropping


Hi, I am having a problem with FPS huge drops, in 1st I thought its a lag, but since I started pressing “=” I can see my fps and ping, and ping is fine, but FPS is dropping badly (from 240 to 10) at beginning of every single round, and that drops last for around 10sec (enough to die or get farmed), the only way for me to avoid thit is to refresh, but if I refresh before end of round its too late and I will skip whole round… Does anyone know any other solutions??
Please let me know if have any ideas…


Putting your graphics to a lower quality should help.


Hmm that’s odd, it’s normal to have a small drop for half a second or so but dropping to 10FPS for 10 seconds is not really normal :open_mouth:
Basically when a new round starts it has to clean up the garbage memory from the previous round which can result in a little spike.

If you are able to send a performance profile that would be super helpful.
Here are the instructions

  1. Get Google Chrome if you don’t have it yet.
  2. Open Chrome in incognito mode ( CTRL+SHIFT+N or ⌘+SHIFT+N )
  3. Go to the game, curvefever.pro
  4. Press CTRL+SHIFT+I or F12 (CTRL+OPT+I for MAc), this will open the developer tools
  5. on the top select the tab with performance
  6. Uncheck Screenshots (and check memory checkboxes)
  7. Start a game (Keep the developer tools open on the side)
  8. Once the round ends press the recording button (or CTRL+E or ⌘+E )
  9. Wait till the round restarted and then wait 10 seconds or so till the FPS is back to normal then stop recording.
  10. Export the profile.