Forum update



Today I’ve updated the forum and added a few new features.
Below you can read all about them.
Most importantly please let us know if there are any remaining issues.

Let’s start with the bigger changes!

Tournament agenda

When creating tournament posts (both official and unofficial) please attach a date!
You can do so by clicking the calendar button when composing a post.

Then just select the timezone (normally UTC like Amsterdam is used for tournament times).
It will then be added to the agenda and calendar so that users can easily know when the tournament is happening.
The time will be converted automatically based on the user’s timezone.

The agenda and calendar can be opened from the tournaments category or from the hamburger menu.

Timezone date/times

You can now insert a date/time in your post and it will display different based on the timezone of the user that is viewing the date.
When composing a message you can click the options and then select Insert date!

News page

Dev blogs can now also be found on the news page.


For the help category posts can now be marked as the solution.
This will embed them in the main post so that it’s easy to search for questions and immediately see the correct answer.
People will trust level 3 and above can accept answers and the person who asked the question can also mark a post as the answer.


For suggestions you can now vote on your favorite suggestions.
For each trust level you gain 10 more votes up to 40 votes.
On your profile (activity/votes) you can see what you voted on.
The suggestions can be sorted by votes on the votes tab.

Smaller changes

And now the smaller less impactful changes.

Visual changes

Topic previews.
Currently only running on the bugs and dev blogs category.
You can see image thumbnails and some action buttons such as liking and bookmarking.
Might roll this out to more categories later.

Discord chat
The discord chat widget on the top has been improved.
It now loads quicker, updates automatically and looks a little better together with the other buttons.

Sub categories
If you go to general you’ll now see all the sub categories and the latest posts in that category.

Mobile improvements

Navigation on mobile has been improved.
For example you can now swipe from the side to open the drawer with notifications and such.


You can now search for emojis in many languages. :slight_smile: :cookie:


Searching should be a little better now.
It will prioritize the important categories such as help, bugs and feedback before off topic and such.


You’ll now get an email if there is a suspicious login attempt on your account.
For example if someone tries to brute force your account, logs in from a different country and so on.

If you change your password it will also be logged now so that you can see it back.
Of course the password itself is not logged :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

& More

There are a bunch of other improvements and bug fixes.

  • Improved image loading, you now see a blurry box till the image loads in the backround.
  • Youtube embed improvements
  • More settings for polls
  • Notification improvements for likes
  • And a bunch more small changes that you probably don’t care about…

Again, if you notice any bugs or if you have feedback on the forum let us know!


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As for the voting, I didn’t see a downvote. Would be col to have that as well. Otherwise nice update