Forum Game: Objection


In this game, you have to tell why the person above’s name is Not Right.
Example: @SatGamesYT’s Name is Not Right because He Includes YT in his name, but his channel is ded.


@SatGamesYT’s name is not right because games cant sit :confused:



If you’re a goat, how do you know how to type? That must be some real dedication!



Who’s property are you? Satan’s?



How did you get glitched? Hacks,Bugs?



Why is your name quick if you’re not using speed or speedy fever?


Notice anything lol?





Yea I didn’t mean do that, than I realized and so did everyone else. That’s what happens when you don’t pay attention. LOL


First of all why are you gold 4 also
Weird flex but ok


I keep getting targeted because of the skin. I might change to bee for a while, IDK? I’ll get it back up today.


Why is your name BIG if you’re not big chungus?


IDK, I needed to change my username a little instead of using DROJAS so I just put BIG in the front. And @Wreckitelf I’m back to diamond, told ya I have ups and downs. 18%20AM


This is a forum game. You have to object someone’s username.