[Forum Game] Curve-Footage



I’ve recently been selected as a Community Moderator for this game and I decided to start my tenure with a fun forum game which is about posting videos of Curve Fever Pro footage.

I will not make many restrictions, you can post absolutely anything with Curve Fever Pro footage, may it be a camping video, some montage of your lucky shots or … Let your imagination go loose! :wink:

But please, keep the content appropriate - that is the only restriction on my behalf.

To make this game a bit more special, it will not be that easy to participate. A guide how to participate in this forum game goes as it follows:

How to participate?


For getting the chance of participating in the forum game, you must complete the following steps:

  1. If you think that you should be the one that is responsible for making next video, just like the comment with last video(s) of previous week.

That’s right, it is just that simple! Please note that by liking those messages, you are taking some responsibility to yourself.

Responsibilities (if you are responsible for the week’s video):

  1. You must record a video (if possible) and edit it also (if you have suitable software & skillset for that). Nothing will happen if you use someone else’s video and will not edit it (but, it would be more fun if you did it yourself).
  2. Upload the video somewhere, can be done for example to YouTube or Google Drive. Please make sure that you will not upload it to sites which are inappropriate to be spoken about on the forum.
  3. 2 days after uploading, please take some time and create a list of people who liked your comment(s) about the videos. After that, enter the list to a site (for example https://www.random.org/lists/) and randomise it.

Based on the system you chose to use for randomization, new people responsible for next videos will be selected (You do not need to re-randomise it if a person who already did that will be selected, they can play the game again).

Please make sure that you will get new challengers by randomisation, not by your own will.

Of course, there will be no punishments if you fail to create a video for next week.

I will be the one to start the cycle by posting a video of a recent custom match.

2 lucky people will get the chance to make video(s) for next week! Reminder: just like my comment if you want to do the challenge next.

They will be announced in ~48 hours (most likely).

Do not forget that you can send in multiple videos in that week you’re responsible for that! :slightly_smiling_face:

Currently, you can pick 1-2 players to be next challengers but it might change it the future.

I really hope to see many of you joining this challenge!

P.S. Feel free to ask me any question regarding this game if something remained unclear for you (or you got additional questions).

Also, please send in your suggestions if I should make another similar forum games in the future (and which ones, for example).

Have a nice evening,



https://youtu.be/QETHfLOW6UA. We played a fun custom game with blue powers only.

If you want to create a video for next week, like this message! :slight_smile:


@Mono and @74R45! Congratulations! You are the ones that will be responsible for making next week’s video! If you need any help regarding this, feel free to contact me here, on Discord (Friendly neighbourhood SpiderMan#0075) or in game (Python).


I used https://www.random.org/lists/ and randomised the list 3 times (because of 3 likes). 1st 2 players got to be the lucky winners of the draw.




Yo! The time has come for the next vid to come out. Check out the description for more info. Anyway, here it is:

If you’d like to make the next week’s video, like this comment!

Till next time :wave:


Looks like the winners are @gruyere and @Horton86462!

Let’s see what you guys can do :eyes: