Forum-account = ingame-account for cf-pro?



Is this (our forum-account) at the same time our ingame-account for cf-pro/ cf4? :thinking:

Names and currency

No we’ve split the accounts up, so you’ll have to create a new account for the game.


:o the forum just looks like cf3 forum, but more decorations/better look


Aye sure, but for me its look much more better :D! I like it very much! :crown::adult:


totally agree on that


So people will be able to pretend to be someone else. :frowning:


For me that doesnt make sense. Can you explain why? @Rojoss


Unfortunately we had to do it this way because we could not afford spending time on setting it up.
We want to prioritize working on the game itself.
Maybe in the future we might find a way to stil do it and merge the accounts.


Ah thought this system is similar to cf3 so shouldnt be problem, but I guess it’s more complicated than that.


help I forgot my acc password and it wont send the verification email for curvefeverpro