Fortnite Battle Royale superthread



If you want to talk about fortnite, talk here. I have 0 wins :slight_smile:
Anyone play on xbox?

and yeas, i know this is not curvefever related


I’d love to know how many fortnite players we have here :wink: :smiley: Nope im not playing on xbox. I have smthing like 5 wins but i play not more than hour daily.


I can only play on weekends :frowning: so, not a lot of wins. I dont even buy the battle pass.


I don’t like fortnite…


Damn son that’s disrespect, Fortnite talk on the forum lul

I only have 3 Victory Royales on PS4 and they’re all squad wins.

I wanna download it for pc but i heard pc Fortnite is hard


By hard i mean REALLY hard, i ain’t scared of kinda hard games i ain’t no coward


my computer is bad so I get a whole 4 fps when I open Fortnite :smiley:

It lags out so I’m down to play haha


I’ve played 5 months ago when i had my ps4,unluckyly i sold it,but i can get at least 1 win in the 1st season,nowadays im just watching livestreams


ugh what is up with people, they are so lazy they start watching people play video games?


I started to watch people playing cuz im not good at all,i enjoy watching ppl in cf as well


No, people watch video games to be entertained, and to get better. And if for a change, they don’t want to play at that time.


I really like fortnite. I have 13 wins :smiley:


Got my very first win, on my 250th solo match! I’m really bad at this game, though… :joy:


Congratulations :slight_smile: I have 17 wins (solo,duo,squads).


Who plays Fortnite anymore? lol

I don’t.


I playlol. And now i have 48 wins ^^


I play it, barely


curve fever royale

100 players battle it out in a massive arena


That would kill these servers, but if it was there i would spend money on this game.


100 player??? the game has difficult to handle 6 player i cant imagine how it will be with 100.