Fix the lag!



9F72A96D-5D53-41BF-8B3A-5DE06717AE8F Plz dev fix the lag we all wanna play we don’t want CFP to die and none working on the servers what happened to the other dev ik the company got bankrupt 2 years ago but plzz fix the I love the game I never want it to be gone or dead I wish the game was fixed so we can all enjoy the game with any lag or get kicked out of the game for no reason I’m getting mad about the only good thing is I’m back in gm with the lag I just hope rojoss or other devs fix the game and reboot the servers and also when you go to send a message to your friends or random people on CFP it’s delayed like 5 sec… and that gets annoying and also every time when me and creepy tries to 1v1 it kicks us out or we can’t move and it makes me or creepy lose like 15-,17, trophies :trophy: plz just fix the game I love the game how it was before !! There is to much lagg and like 4 bugs and I hope we can found out who spamed the bots inside the servers cuz if you go into a quick play it shows over 1k people online and I never seen over 1k people online I only seen like 212 people online plz just fix the servers that’s all I wish for


That is one of the longest sentences I have ever seen.




Servers were under attack, made some improvements and should be good to go now.