First CFPro Tournament! Won by Legolas and Hrvat




Hai c:

Past Sunday we had the first official Curve Fever Pro tournament. It was awesome to organize this for the community and we hope all of you had fun! It was the very first official tournament we did and we are generally happy with the way it went, though we are happy to read your feedback :smiley:

Congratulations to the winners! We did have a second final due to unforeseen circumstances. Here are the winners of both finals:

  1. | :1st_place_medal: Legolas — :1st_place_medal: Hrvat |
  2. | :2nd_place_medal: Maluku — :2nd_place_medal: p.peti |
  3. | :3rd_place_medal: Vathes — :3rd_place_medal: Maluku |

If you wish to rewatch the final, you can check out @44FrenchFries’s post here
Overview of the tournament can be found here

We are aware that people have been asking about the next tournament. Currently, we have no specifics on that. If we do, we will announce it on the forum and in-game. No worries, you will be kept up-to-date! :smiley:

Thank you for joining or watching the tournament! Stay tuned for more information concerning tournaments in the future.

-Your Curve Fever Pro Team