First and Last Feedback maybe


Hi everyone,
I have been playing CF for months now, and I think it’s time for me to quit in here. It was cool discovering some good people, I really did enjoy the FFA experience.
However, I feel like forcing people to play this new game mode is absurd, and the “small player base” a bad reason to do it, and I feel like it’s making just people quit this game.
Many good things coming from this new game mode, it was really fun at first, but then with people leaving, bad team balance, and the none possibility of playing FFA, it just made me hate the game. I used to play hours per day, now I just play 2-3 games, and I am already tilted.
Devs, if you want to try something, make a Beta, or just make both game modes available, people will try it anyway since it’s new. You were talking about attracting new people, I think you are not attracting them that much when they play with GM and they leave at 2nd round. It also seems that you are losing old people, and I think it’s my case too.

Wasn’t meant to be insulting, it’s just my opinion about the game right now.

Keep up the work devs, it’s really good, but just think a bit more about the user experience, it’s really important.

I will come by, times to times, to check if FFA is back, but now, I can say, mamasita is out :).


You can still play ffa in costums did that today!

But I have to agree, teams is not suited for quickplay! Teams should be only in COSTUMS!!! There you can choose to play with who you want to! Getting random opponents and/or teammates just sucks!

ALSO NERF SPEEEEEEEEED, it is literally more OP then everything else any time before!


Oooh what kind of costumes are the teams wearing line? xD


That is how frustrated I am :joy:


Don’t worry I feel the same but FFA will be back :slight_smile:


Lol I know mate me too. I miss just hitting play and doing match after match of ranked FFA.


Don’t get me wrong teams are gr8.

But put them in customs and nerf any form of speed since it is SOOOOO op in bringing points to the other base!


You know what I thought be cool? Ice hockey!

Yes, imagine you don’t leave a curve. Yore just a ship but it still moves in the same way. 3v3 with a puck you can smash around, the faster you hit it the faster it goes. It could bounce around the arena like the classic game pong, ideally into the other teams net. Of course it wouldn’t be curvefever any more but it would be a fun mode.


But no one is playing FFA in customs and the purpose of this game is that you can play fastly, if I wanted to create a group thing, I would have went back to CS GO and waited for a team


would be tough work for devs ahah


Just to be clear, if you wanted a team game of curve fever, you would wait in a CSGO lobby? xD


The time to create a lobby of GM in teams in CF and play > Team to create a lobby in CS go and play ahah


Estoy de acuerdo.

I don’t agree. They DO think a lot about user experience imho and they are doing a great job.
In 2 weeks they developped 3 different game modes in order to find the best one for players.
They are a small devs team dude, they do crazy stuff really qualitative for a small team like them.

That’s more complicated. With 2 different game modes available in quickplay you split the players base in two. That means huuuuge waiting time bc cfp does not have a lot of players in matchmaking at the same time unfortunately.
They tried FFA for long but players have left gradually. So it was necessary to offer something new that can bring new people if you didnt want to let it die slowly.
More players -> More money -> More investment -> Cooler stuff for players
Cfp did not attract new players much imho. I’m often in game with the same people for months. And that’s a huge problem.
And they were right to turn the game to something really new to see whether people would be better attracted or not.


Developing 3 different game modes is different than the UX ( User experience). It’s more general, like team balance, leaver and all that stuff, is way more important than making " Game modes". You didn’t get me on that one, but for me, concerning UX, it’s been really bad since this new game mode appeared. A game is not about the game itself alone, but many much things. The none-possibility to play FFA in game play is a huge problem of user experience.


Indeed we talked about two differents things.
But leavers are always a trouble while teaming in games in general its hard to handle. :confused:
And team balance is in correlation with number of available users in matchmaking. With small amount of players you have two options either focus on team balancing and then increasing waiting time or focus on waiting time and neglect team balance. You can’t have both with few players available at a time.
That’s why it is not as easy as it sounds


Well said. I agree and I’m confident that if they do decide to launch it on steam with a bit of advertising it could be a huge success. I say go for a booth at E3, talk about the game and let people try it etc. I honestly think with the level of skill of some players on cfp I’m shocked it’s not on esports already!

You can do it guys! <3


You are right and we are aware of the current mentioned UX issues, but we first had to settle on the gamemode before we could fix the UX issues. We could spend time to fix all issues before the gamemode was released, but that would mean it would be delayed and then if we decided to change it we would have wasted all this time fixing the issues for a gamemode that was deleted/changed.

We hope to make a decision pretty soon on what the main gamemode will be for quickplay (FFA or Teams).


We did add a quick fix for leavers, biggest issue was a person with a lot of points would leave the game and the points would be lost, now points are donated to remaining players. We still haven’t decided if and how leavers will be punished and how to make sure the game is still fair if someone leaves.


It would be crazy to make teams the main gamemode for quick play… I feel like I am seeing less and less people playing the game since this new game mode.
Yeah, you could have settled by letting both game modes in quick play … You can’t force people to try all your game modes AND disable the main game mode. I feel like you’re thinking way out of the box, and even feedbacks are saying that FFA is prefered.
I didn’t want to complain about different bugs like the " You won the round" staying after the beginning of the next round during the whole round, and other stuffs, because it’s normal, but saying you are willing to make the decision for the main game mode… it’s quite disappointing to be honest … At least, make the users vote, I don’t seem to be seeing a lot of devs trying their own game nowadays as in FFA days.
Can you give us data about average time people used to play FFA, and team mode? and how many players don’t play? I can just notice the difference in my friendlist … Sorry to be that harsh, but specially if you are devs, you need people out there thinking about only UX, as you seem to be just too much in the code, not in the game.


If you think many people stop playing this game becuase of the new team game mode, you are kinda wrong.

Honestly CFPRO is for at the moment just a game that is fun for the short time, and imo gets much more faster boring than for example the cf2 version.

Also it would be so easy to get the cf2 players to join cfpro, if you would add some similair and simple play modes like cf2.

Most are now stopping playing cf2 and they dont even join cfpro… try to get them here.

The surving aspect should be made much more important then how it now is.

I mean its fun to steal points at all, but in the end we are playing CF so last one surving should always be rewarded most, thats just plain logic.

2nd just make the team points go from 1-10 and keep it simple, the average iq is not so high on cfpro to make things complicated.

And indeed, teams should be always in customs, much more fun imo. Just like it was in cf2.

Yeah ik you had there unfair games to, but atleast if normal host, it was much more easy to play with and again pro players.

Now honestly, well most of the time, i really think, what am i playing lol