Finish the lyric



finish the lyric challenge
1.somebody starts a lyric and you have to finish the lyric
2. if you can’t finish the lyric then it will move on to the next player to try and finish the lyric
3. if nobody can finish the lyric then the person who wrote the lyric tells us the end of the lyric or the song name and gets a point
4. we will do a certain amount of rounds depending on the amount of players maybe 1 or 2 rounds
5. the person with the most points at the end wins
6. you can get up to 3 tips and 2 tries per player to make it a bit easier
7.have fun!
i will start the lyric and you guys guess it
Lets Begin!:+1:


the house that you live in don’t make it a home
finish the lyric


Unless you call it home! :wink:


nope :rofl::rofl: