Fevers need to be nerfed



Fevers, as they are currently in the game, are too overpowered. They steal a very large amount of points and put a status effect on you. It is all too easy to steal 100 points or so and then the player is screwed over by the status effect. Even if they only hit one it can send the player from first to last from the huge points stolen and then dying to the fever. If a power is going to effect a player it should steal fewer points than a power that doesn’t affect the player such as mines. Mines even can help a player survive even if they are not their own mine in order to get more survives since mines do not steal that much compared to most fevers. The easy solution to this is that the attack of fevers to be reduced.


Fevers got an increase in attack power today. I think this is due to the fact that there is the new aiming mechanism. Once people use that one more I think fevers will need to get nerfed because they are insanely good. As you mentioned you can die easily because of the effects they have and you lose points.


I have noticed this since the very beginning of when I started playing several months ago and as soon as I unlocked the ability to use two fevers I realized how over powered they really are especially since some of the more effecting fevers tend to steal more. I was also just reading a post about zap being nerfed and I highly recommend that zap get nerfed as well. His argument as to why they should is about the same as mine. It should be on the recent posts page.


Yea, I have seen that but a lot of comments seem to disagree with that post. I personally think you are right and fevers are too strong. Especially when used correctly. For now they got buffed, we will see how the balancing will move on.

I guess some powers will always be better then certain others.


Agreed, we will have to see where the devs take it with the attack power of fevers.