So, I haven’t been on this forum for about a year, and thus don’t know everything that’s changed or if this rule has already been implemented.

Anyway, I always seem to hate lobbies that everyone has a mine or fever, and then toward the end everywhere I go I run into one. And that’s why I think that maybe each player is allowed to throw down 5 fever/mine before they start going away

E.g. let each number represent a fever/mine
1 2 3 4 5 -> 2 3 4 5 6
This basically means the first fever of the five would disappear after the 6th has been thrown

Anyway just some food for thought but thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: I’m sorry it’s confusing


humma :confused:


I like this idea


I quite like the chaos of the map toward the end, these powers just make you reach the end of the game faster. Fevers and mines are like expanding the reach of the players curve. Speed and power dash do the same thing (on a slightly smaller scale). Slow, jump, and hide self do the opposite.


actually not a bad Idea.
Stealth mines already are on a timer and you can have a maximum of 3
While its a good idea you have to put the whole game in perspective and nerfing mines and fevers would make other powers stronger/op. As mines alone are already a bit underpowered. There would have to be a whole series of nerfes then, basically nerfing everything a bit e.g Laser, Shots, Zap etc.