Feature request for replays



I request the developers to add the option to change the graphical settings for replays (like there’s an option to do that in the game)
Also, an option to toggle the slow-motion mode would be greatly appreciated.


Slow-mode is already implemented the speed of the replay highly depends on your pc’s performance tho.

Idk why you would want to switch off graphical settings in replays they look so cool, but I guess that option could be added in the future.


She’s talking about how graphics are auto set to high or ultra meaning it lags or is generally glitchy for people who normally only use normal or low settings.


Yes. I normally play on 1x or 0.75 resolution with particles and shadows switches off otherwise i get a lot of frame drops because the integrated GPUs of macbook pros suck and the resolution is so high. I think the default setting in replays is Ultra resolution (2x) with particles and shadows turned on. I also prefer switching off particles and shadows because the game looks much cleaner that way.

Would love to have those options in replays too. On discord, Rojoss confirmed that he will add these options. :slight_smile:


It’s in the latest update :wink:
Can change your settings now like you normally would.
It’s not saved though because there is no server connection so you have to change it each time but at least there is the option. :stuck_out_tongue: