Favorite board game?


My favorite is definitely chess but that’s probably because I play it competitively and travel for it heh


I have almost stopped playing board games but my favourite one is GO.

I used to love chess but i think Go is so much better in every way.


I challenge you to a duel! I used to play competitively like 8-9 years ago and just picked it back up a year ago so I’d love a game some time.


I have two favorite boardgames and they are Seven Wonders & Reversi


I know most people hate it but my favourite 2 board games are Monopoly and Risk.
Don’t know if poker would be considered a board game :joy: otherwise it would be my #1


If we add card games then I used to play bridge in the national scale events. If we stick to board games then I like scrabble, chess and backgammon. I really like crazychess and madhouse chess, great variations!


I’ll second that, go is more subjective in strategy and more abstract than chess. It leads to a much more interesting game that relies more on pattern recognition than any other game I’ve played.




Madhouse? I probably know it by a more common name. Describe it


Go is very different from chess though. It’s both strategy but what you have to do is way different. Comparing chess to go is like comparing apples to oraanges


You challenge who to a dual?


For a card game that doesn’t really have a board, I have a custom version of RE7’s 21 printed out.

For games where cards/tiles end up building the board as you play, I really enjoy Hive and Saboteur

If we’re talking strictly board games tho, I’d probs go with Khet and Labyrinth.


challenge me at scrabble mate I’ll clean your clocks :smiling_imp:


I am in for a scrabble as well :joy: let’s do it in italian tho haha


I meant bughouse, which is a crazyhouse in pairs.


my favourite computational board games are
1.) Into the Breach
2.) Faster than Light

Both are super fun awesome “perfect information” (means there is nothing hidden like in card games) games like chess and go.


Oh ok I know bughouse heh


I would have to say Chess.


I’m challenging YOU @iamgud

I will at some point learn to play go but meh.


OWL once challenged me and i lost 2 games in a row and drew the third one :stuck_out_tongue:
edit :- the 3rd game was aborted because owl had to leave, so ye just lost twice