EXTREME server lag as of 1/3/2020


I just played a round of CFP and noticed extreme lag in the server. It happened 4 times during one game where every player would freeze for about 3 seconds and then suddenly teleport and usually end up dead. It happened 3 times before I started recording and then 2 more times afterward (but one of those was after game end)

Hope this video helps bring this to everyone’s attention!


I love it when people have 50.000 ping and blame the servers for lagging :joy:


Well, that’s hard to deny that servers are much worse than it was. I never had constant lags like I experience in the past few weeks


I restarted the game servers and master servers. It seems to have had a positive impact on the CPU usage. I will now bi-weekly restart the servers



Thanks a lot Geert, seems to be really better!


Well, Line, use common sense here, bro… You can see that the server would freeze completely for a second or two and everyone would freeze, not just me. It’s not the increased ping I’m showing here… (My ping is always high, why do you think I’m only Diamond III? :smile:)


Oh, I also don’t have 50 ping, I have like 300…


High ping results in a delay from the server. The server itself is not the slow part but the connection is (and if your ping is high, it is most likely your connection). You see yourself curving but the connection is so slow that it takes some time to show you where the other players are, resulting in freezes of everyone!

Ping doesn’t have anything to do with rank, so idc if you are bronze or grandmaster :joy:


Okay… Line, you totally misunderstood my post. I’m a programmer and I work with servers constantly. I know what ping is, I know what is caused with high ping, and I experience it all the time. HOWEVER, THIS IS NOT WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT HERE. What’s happening in the video is that the server would malfunction, causing it to think that no keys were pressed for about 2 seconds and in that time not broadcasting anything to the clients. Then suddenly it would begin broadcasting again and most of use would be dead because we just drove off into the distance with no control (you can see this very clearly in the video above.)

Also, regarding your (relatively insulting) comment regarding ping effecting my rank, you’d be wrong. I’m not saying “my 300 ping is directly connected to my mediocre rank” I’m saying that because my ping is so low and my connectivity drops out often it causes me to lose a lot of points/miss good stealing opportunities/die more often than I would if I could actually see what was going on, resulting in me finishing with less points than I should, placing lower, and losing more rankpoints. I didn’t think I’d have to explain something like that to such an experienced CFP player, but apparently you really needed me to…

If you still don’t understand let me know and I’ll try to explain again…


Sry, but you never mentioned anything about the buttons not working. What I got from your previous comments is that just the image was not updated but you could still move normally (just without seeing your actual movements). What you are describing is obviously an issue with the server then! Sorry again for not getting that from your first post. I hope the biweekly restarts might improve your performance for now.

Most people from the US have 300+ ping and some of them easily reached GM rank. My ping is gently said unstable :joy: it jumps around unpredictably between 60 and 6000 ping :joy: so I kinda know where you are comming from! It is kinda weird that the whole room lagged. Are you sure the other can never move when this happens either?


The buttons did work. I could move on my own screen of course, that’s independent from the server, but it wouldn’t update my position in the game, only on my screen.
“It happened 4 times during one game where every player would freeze for about 3 seconds and then suddenly teleport and usually end up dead.” <- My first post


Wow big arguments here.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: ikr ahahahaha