Extensive general feedback


Hey there,

as a long-standing player of CF2, I thought I’d give Curvefever pro a go. First of all: I think, the game concept has potential, and so far I have not encountered lag issues as detrimental to the gameplay as have been in CF2. However, there is such a long list of issues I wanted to bring to your attention, that I could not help but open a forum topic.

  1. The introduction to the game is lacking severely. It is entirely unclear at first that the items deployed are not powerups, but traps to be avoided. The entire concept of determining where to shoot them by holding down the key for longer is not properly explained, so until you stumble upon the game mechanics by mere accident, you are left wasting time and getting frustrated.

  2. Player representation by rocket may be a fun gimmick, but it obstructs the view to the actual hitbox of your curve, which has resulted in many a unforeseen death and I really dislike that. Please include an option for those who don’t like them to turn these gimmicks off. The same goes for the “fuel exhaust” animation.

  3. The list of values upon upgrading expands far too slowly, and you cannot skip the animation by clicking somewhere. After the 6th time of wating roughly 2 minutes for the values to expand, I find myself becoming rather annoyed. Additionally, I find the button to upgrade misplaced where it is, in my view it should be in the dialogue window of current values altogether for consistency and confirmation opportunity.

  4. Item functions and symbols are either unclear or confusing. There is no place to read up exactly what the items do, and there should be. Having no idea what the items actually do makes using them a matter of hit and miss and places unnecessary hurdles in the way of new players. I will give you an example: The speed-boost not only increases my speed, but the turning radius as well. Not only is that unnecessary in my view, but I had no way of knowing, so I died pointlessly using the item the first time around.

  5. The idea that your own items should impose their full negative effect on yourself, too, is laughable and counter-intuitive to me, and should be changed. This excludes bombs, which can be deployed as a way-breaking tool, so they have a purpose being triggered by your own curve. I would either have you pass through own traps unhindered, or kill off the traps without any negative effect.

  6. In a close-quarter-duel, all vision is lost. Due to excessive animations and unclear mechanics perhaps causing a large gap in ones line upon being hit, fighting close up is not a domain of skill and quick reaction, but a black-box you drive into and come out with apparently random results. This is both frustrating and takes skill out of a possibly interesting way of fighting. Often times I had players - or myself - jump over a line after being hit where I should have reasonably died, which is completely off.

  7. Your monetization model is detached from reality. I place myself firmly in the category of: “If it is a good game I enjoy, I will spend money on it.” Accordingly, there exist games that I have played for years and payed multiple hundred euros in support of. That being said, you do not seriously expect anybody to pay 200€ for 11.500 gems, right? Please. Do some back-of-the-envelope calculation, and you will find that this is the equivalent of opening 5 weeks of daily chests. For 200€. I have the strong suspicion that upgrade cost will skyrocket, too, in higher levels, so buying hundreds of thousands of coins will not get oneself too far, either. I believe you severely overestimate the value gain for the time people have with your game, and you do neither yourself nor your customers any favours by adopting the ludicrous pricing models of Clash Royale and the likes, where if you only flip out a solid 10k, you can be pro in no time. Lowering prices, in my view, is highly likely to encourage more players to spend some money in your support.

  8. Artificial progression slowing. I can see what you did with the crates. This system shows the clear handwriting of somebody trying to encourage daily playing, and force people intent on playing more on one day to spend money. Much as I personally dislike this “progression at a rate we force upon you”, I get it. What I do not get is the apparent inability to discard crates and try anew. There has been many a time I tried to earn my daily crate, snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, and ended up waiting 20h for a bad crate. Give players the option to throw them away.

  9. Speaking of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, there is a very, very large frustration potential in CF pro. This is due to the largely random nature and extremely high stakes in being hit in final rounds, as opposed to there being any advantage in having a hard-earned points advantage. Not only does it frequently happen that you are targeted for being first at 200 score, but the person in 2nd is often ignored completely, despite perhaps having just 5 points less, because they don’t have a large shoot-me-sign next to their head. Now, fair enough, players should try and catch up. One random direct hit costing you 65 points is not the way to do it, though. The most extreme example I experienced was a loss of 139 points in the last turn upon being focused by every single player, ending up dead-last and a free victory being afforded to the 2nd formerly close behind me. I’m not trying to practice my buddhist meditation and self-control, I’m trying to have fun. Tune down the ridiculous amount of points lost for a shot to at most half the value of a won round.

  10. Walls. Unlike in CF2, you will die even directly after spawning, even when you do not yet draw a line, when hitting a wall. This is counter-intuitive and unnecessary, I much prefer the CF2 mechanic.

  11. Death animation. The tilting of the screen upon a player dying is extremely unpleasant to me, furthermore, it has on occasion caused my steering to lag for an instant, resulting in my death. See above, please enable me to turn it off and do not force me to endure animations I despise to play the game.

  12. I find the unpacking of the items too slow, especially mines should arm much quicker to make them a viable tool to create pathways.

  13. A global ranking list and a meaninful community system appears to be missing. This is the main reason CF2 was successful and populated for several years, and there is much to gain for you in implementing a meaninful, unrestricted friends list with friendly conversation happening ingame and in the rooms. Sharing a link to join a room is not a viable alternative, and you know it. In case it needs explanation, sharing a link requires you to first have a line of communication on another platform open to your friends, they then have to be online, and first login to join. Selecting from a friend list of people already online ingame is so much more likely to succeed and much less demanding.

  14. If you want to do your players a favour, hand out a small amount of gems, in the region up to 10, every game, perhaps depending slightly on the position reached, even if no crate was earned or no module installed. That way, you can still play yourself through the game slowly or save up for a boost, just by being engaged in the game, which is what (I hope) you wish to ultimately encourage.

Those are most of the points I wanted to bring to your attention, to hopefully inspire some improvements and success of the game. I am very much looking forward to an impression of your response.

Have a nice day!

PS: You might want to let players use the same account for playing and the forums, a separation of those is quite silly.


Some great things brought up by you. Really nice … most of them i admit are a con for this game.
I think there is much potential for improvement.

The biggest thing i want to pick out is point 14…

Imo u dont really get anything out of games after playing your 8 crate games. It’s kinda sad, because that would motivate to play the game (not just doing ur boring 8 crates and then leave) :joy:

Hope your post gets sum attention @EnvisionDefeat


I agree with every point above as I had 1800-2000 (top 200) in cf2 :smiley: Good points were mentioned. I hope you will encourege players by implementing maybe some changes (if not all) of it. I wold add one point.

  1. Ability to earn gems/coins by some achievemenst eg. 1st place with corner(or thin)+sth That would encourage people to use less popular modules :wink: Or maybe even prizes with gems/coins for places, As mentioned players would stay longer playing and not only doing crates :slight_smile:

Hope you will take it into consideration if you also think it might be a good idea.
Cheers ;D


Oh yeah, the game should have Achievements in the future!! And you get maybe some energy, or gems if you complete them. Or get a badge.
Like in league for example, there are daily challenges …would also possible, or like in fortnite, there you have to do 1 Challenge/achivement after another.


Woah! I agree a ton with almost everything!


I disagree on everything but point 7(monetization) and 13(ranking) xD. Many points also are already adressed/ changed. (I refer to the first post)


As you may have noticed, my post is several months old now.