Everything about Everything that is Awesome



hmmmmmm yeah just things about what people like. maybe some adventure games like you have 3 options what do you do those kinds. also this * and cars and legend of zelda and curvefever and girls so uhh ā€¦ yeah that! * Also there should be talks about ANYTHING THAT IS AWESOME.
Rules are as follow though:

  1. Do not abuse topic.
  2. Do not post anything offensive such as PORN
  3. Follow rules or you will be reported
  4. Report to me anything suspicious or offensive
  5. Have fun


So girls are pretty am i right



wait a minute that dint work




Iā€™m soo confused. :upside_down_face:


hey keren


CFPRO is bad game


Everything is awesome when ur part of a team everrrrrrrything is AWESOME when u beleive in ur dreams(or somethin like that


lol its hilarious dont you think
how can you be confused


confusion 100


dragon ball isnt as good as demon slayer prove me wrong


And CFPRO not that better than defly.io


defly has so many bugs and dragonball will always be pretty much the only anime ill ever watch and not be confused as heck


CFPRO is really bad


i could prove u wrong @MangaFukidashi if every stinkin image wasnt BLOCKED


haha school computer

(get off it those things are BAD and STINKY)


Dragon ball is probably the most confusing anime I have ever watched


they rly are stinky


i can hack my school pc