Everyones leaving


When quarantine first started many people were joining CFP including myself. Although, lately, lots of people have been leaving CFP. Lag and bugs are the major part of this as well as quarantine being over. If lag was fixed many people probably would have stayed. If you think theres other reasons please say them.


ppl makin fun of others


Thats a reason too


The Curve community has a lot of very toxic people which is a reason people are leaving.


yes ppl are evil well maybe not just rude and mean


CFP Community is more nicer than CF2, that’s partly reason why i came to this community.


People swear a lot and are mean to other players. And probably a lot of people leave cuz this game lags so much and it may be hard to play because of that. We really need to fix that.


I’m not leavin… I love it here… Maybe just the lag is the problem… But not always… Sumtimes i go out of boundries. And win,… Soo…im not quitin


What do you mean by “out of boundries”




@Reecko I don’t think there are any hackers in this game


idk abt that


which thing about cfp do u hate the most?

  • lag
  • pickups
  • being bad at the game
  • swearing people
  • afk people
  • nib

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how am i a hacker?


its called lag


There was a hacker a long time ago




Everyone calls me a hacker and i’m not :frowning:


there are still hackers maybe its just a myth but i know there are (one time i was learning codeing to hack)


I dont think many users are leaving bc of this shifty lag… maybe they make an excuse to not make dem selves look bad bc they had to return der chromebook