Error joining match



I was joining a match and it took a while.
I thought it was just my trash internet but,
people in the chat were talking about it too. It said “Joining match”.
It took about 3 minutes.
After we were kicked out.
At first I thought it would be fine but when I clicked ready it showed me this,

Im not sure what it was but can someone explain?



We have already notified Geert about it and we hope he restarts the server as soon as possible.
This occurred yesterday as well which corrupted the official tournament, which is now postponed to this Sunday.
The servers have been relatively slow, meaning some players takes long time joining the matches and their menu bar won’t load up.

It seems to be happening to some players, but not all.

If you have any questions regarding this situation, please either private message one of the moderators via forum or Discord.

– Gremlin | Community & Game Moderator.

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