Energy bug



Hi, i cant play anymore because of a bug. I somehow got -2 Energy and when i click play it says “Get 0 Energy for 0 Gems” WHen i click it an error pops up. I cant even play withou powerups. Please help me.
Account name: Henrik5623


You can get negative energy when you play 2 matches simultaneously. (You start a new match when the previous one didn’t finish yet)

It seems like a bug that it says get 0 energy indeed.
You can go to the shop and buy the energy there and that should fix it.


But i dont want to spend my gems… So i cant play til tomorrow then? wow ;(


You can play with the free powers or powers that still have points left.


Nvm just realized that also doesn’t work.
What’s your in game name? I’ll give you some free energy. :zap:

EDIT: You got it!


Thank you <3 <3


I also asked the chat to help me … a guy said he is an admin and he will ban me. thats not nice! I took some screens too… maybe you can give him a warning.


thank you, I look into it and will take action if needed.

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