Emoji Contest!



Hello Fellow Creative Curvers!

Today marks the day that we start a new section in our server called “arts”. This channel will be for these special contests only, and we will be giving away many prizes in the upcoming months! (NOTE: For Discord only! This is NOT an in-game drawing event)

What we want you to do is to draw your favorite Curve Fever related Emojis and send them to us! Your emoji can be achieved any which way you want Photoshop included!

The winner(s) will be decided by the Community by vote, it will be added to the server for everyone to use and enjoy!

The winner will get 500 gems!


  • Up to 256kb png file with transparent background

  • Static Image only (not animated)

  • Curve Fever related

  • Agrees with the Discord Terms and Service and our own Community Guidelines!

  • You can send in as many entries as you want!

  • The deadline is August 31st at 11.59 p.m (CEST).

How To Participate:

  • Join Discord

  • Send all of your entries via PM to @Robt44 and wait for the results

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Here are some examples for inspiration!


Here is what we are NOT looking for: (although its really good in-game art)

You can PM me here if you have any questions.


ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT! Get your entries in before it’s too late!


The time for submissions has stopped and we are no longer accepting applications in order to make sure that your vote counts you have to join Discord and vote with the appropriate emoji under the arts channel.

We had quite a few applications and a great turn-out.

Once you’re on discord and in the arts channel here the instructions:

  • The emoji with the most reactions will win and get the grand prize of 500 gems!

  • In order to vote place the appropriate reaction with the emoji.

If you have any questions or concerns you can shoot me a private message via PM

Here is a preview!


Hello Fellow Creative Curvers!

Today we finally concluded our Emoji Contest, and have some winners to announce!

A big congratulations to @depth1 for his Lag emoji!
And a cookie congratulations to @nib for his cookie emoji!

Both of you will be rewarded with respective prizes (500 gems for Community Choice and 250 gems for Staff Choice).

I want to thank everyone for their contribution to this contest and as a reward to all of you, every emoji will be added to the Discord server for everyone to use!