Email is Case-Sensitve



I just noticed this today but when I tried to log into my account for Curve, it gave me an error message saying that either my email or password was wrong. I kept messing around with it and later I noticed that my saved account had a capital letter in my email, so I typed in my email with the capital letter and it let me in. Is there anyway to make the email log-in not case sensitive? It’s just annoying having to make any letter in my email capital since it was registered as being capital, plus, it might make some people think they’ve lost their account because most accounts don’t have case sensitive emails.
(Btw I had 2 accounts, that’s why I couldn’t use the saved one, the accounts had diff passwords)


Yeah we found this out last week as well because there were 2 users with the same email using different casing.
Next week we will make all emails lowercase, thus making it case insensitive and also fix the duplicate ones.