Earning gems


Everyone wants gems. But not everyone wants to spend money on the game to get the gems.

I think I’ve found a way that isn’t against the cf rules for you to get gems without having to level up, win contests or tours and not have to buy them.

When a player leaves the game, like leaves - not to come back, they usually have spare gems in their account. They could possibly gift the gems to someone or the community before they completely leave. sorry for the ping @Rojoss , could you possibly allow this?


Probably not, what you are proposing is a system that can easily be abused. Besides that, we have servers that need to be payed for. So if the players stop buying gems or vip, I don’t think the game will survive :confused:


Players can easily just make an account and send those gems to their main account so it isn’t a very good idea sadly


I like the idea but like people already said the game needs people to spend money to keep the servers going. I don’t know if youre talking about people leaving in FFA or teams, but if people leave in ffa then it’s to your advanatge lol. A cool feature would be to let a spectator join the team with a man down when someone leaves in teams. They would gain rank if the team wins but not lose rank if the team loses. Or instead of gifting gems for the players who lost a teammate, you could get a compensation of 15 rank xp or some small gift like that. Or maybe 100 level up xp.


just realized i read what you said wrong xd sorry for my rant


i definetly think the game will survive i just dont get why everyones leaving because of having to spend money and lags :thinking:
On user said there was “fifty thousand”!


Well technically the game is already dead since it is not being developed anymore. The company that has made the game went bankrupt. If people stop buying vip or gems, there is no money left to pay for servers. No servers means: no game. So yes, money is needed. But no one is forced to buy stuff. You can earn gems by leveling up or winning tournaments.