Earn Gems and what to do with them



Right as it is now you can only get gems from either leveling up or paying REAL LIFE money.
You need gems to buy skins and battlepasses. You need to get to level 25 without spending a SINGEL Gem to be able to get the battlepass which in my opinion is way to hard, so im suggesting that you would be able to earn Gems by either some kind of Mission ( example ) getting 40 kills in 1 hour or suriving a round for 5minutes and each mission gave you maybe 2 Gems. Or another suggestion is that you watch ads to get Gems like 1min vid for 1-2 gems. But to make it so you wouldent get to many Gems you could only do like 3 mission a day or only watch 3 ads a day.
Also maybe add more stuff to do with gems like either more skins or bring back uppgradeable powerups, trails to bullets / diffrent color to bullets, trails from player or different aircrafts sepparate from the skin of the line and if you would add that it would add some more customization to the game.
Anyways hope that you would consider my suggestion as i dont think im the only one feeling like this and i think that it would bring some more life to the game.



Yeah they made this game ptw a while ago


ads, this is good idea!


Upgradable powers were removed because they were simply unfair even if most players liked them. There will come new battlepasses and colors to spend your gems on.

Yes Ik it can be frustrating to wait to get the gems only by upleveling. Devs didn’t add ads yet because it would make the game much worse and I definitely agree to that. Missions however sound like a good Idea but they would need to be hard cause not everyone should get the battlepass (always keep in mind devs need to live off of this game).

There is always the tournament price that could give you gems as well. The prices there are not even that low. I for myself bought gems to get the battlepass because I liked all the little features it had and I wanted to help out the devs :joy:


Well i dont mean forcing you to watch ads but you could click on an button to watch an add and youll get an gem or two


Battlepass takes a while to get


lol line,thought u earned like 1K gems all those past tournaments after u ran out of gems for leveling up the worthless modules,i’d like to get a bit of that prize-pool someday :smile:


Not really used them all to upgrade scatter and trigger :joy: both were on lvl 10 haha, kinda useless