Dumb Challenge


  • homing and mine
  • speed and zap

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Everyone, comment down below what is your favorite power up combo and why
These are just two good combos that I like to use. Now do a quick play and show me with them.


rip i used to use homing and time bomb but they both got nerfed.



I used to like to use homing and stealth mine before the nerfed it. :frowning:


I am nub I just use one shot and zap idk why


I used time bomb side shot


Homing is practically dead,i’ve been watching too many speeders+zappers there,what a chaos if u face them off ,specially when there are many of them at once


my new combo is stealth mine and multi shot


I used trigger with laser


I use Hide Self and Zap. (new combo. I like to vary my combos so my friends can’t know how to counter my usuals).


Multi-shot & speedy


stealth mine and zap

got me to gold 4 and only 10 or so away from gold 5


Nice. I’m Gold, on the way to Gold 1


Yeet I use time bomb front, side shot back. Got me from g1 to diamond. I screwed up and I went back to g4 tho. So it’s completely possible


I use the speed fever and homing… result is diamond


Hm…can I try your combo