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I love Dragon Ball! But you know what I love even more? Fandom/Fan theories. If you were in control, what kind of stuff would you make up? My other topic kinda failed so maybe this is better. Come up with lots of what-if’s. Like what if Gohan trained seriously? 91f5f701c61a8a265611d652e6de48f3

And of course, we LOOOOVE memes and funnies !


Should I use polls for order? or would it be better for their to be Chaos?


This is a bust…


AGAIN! maybe I just just use these topics I create for self promotion :thinking: I’ll just become one of those lonely guys who talks to himself :cold_face: :fearful: :sob: :scream: This will be very unfortunate. Time to create a theory in which I will be the only voter.


Who would win in a fight Beerus or Vegitto?

  • Beerus
  • Vegitto
  • Tie
  • Vegitto splits, Goku gets new form, and wins

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